Active damping

Collocated piezo sensor – actuator

For applications where machines have to hold position accurately in the sub-nanometer range, external disturbances are unwanted and should either be minimized by isolation or actively damped. For piezo hard mount solutions vibrations are sensed by a piezo sensor and actively compensated by a collocated piezo actuator.

Active damping systems up to 6 degree of freedom are developed based on customer demands. Solutions with criteria on stroke, mass, bandwidth and cross talk level between actuator and sensor are provided.


  • Collocated sensor – actuator configuration
  • Monolithic metal structures
  • Frictionless
  • Solid state solution, no wear

Range of specification

  • Stroke 1 – 50 µm
  • Mass 1 – 20.000 kg
  • Bandwidth 0,1 to 5.000 Hz
  • Cross talk actuator/sensor 1e4 to 1e7