Who we are

We welcome you to our website and the most interesting world of piezo technology. HEINMADE develops and delivers piezo system solutions applied in precise nano positioning and active damping. Our extended know-how is further appreciated in the field of ultrasonic applications like transducers and piezo sensors in general. As distributor of both high voltage and low voltage piezo components, HEINMADE works closely together with Noliac (Denmark).

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the optimum solution and to enjoy while doing so. Through our long term experience and extended network, we are able to detect, control and solve critical aspects in order to provide reliable solutions.

R&D Capabilities

For thorough design and analysis of prototypes, a large conditioned laboratory is available with all required analysis tools. Essential product aspects like stiffness, bandwidth, natural frequency, stroke, accuracy, noise, etc. are analyzed and optimized. Further R&D projects are finalized with a detailed production manual and a product qualification program.

Production Facilities

With supplier release for production, systems are produced and qualified in house, when required, under cleanroom conditions. Precise metal parts are produced at our sister company CVT, specilized in wire EDM parts. The collaboration with this in-house supplier guarantees high standards and increases the yield in production, resulting in cost effective system solutions.

First tier supplier / OEM Customers

As a result of our know-how and way of working, HEINMADE develops and supplies to OEM companies in the medical and the semiconductor industry. In some occasions HEINMADE becomes a first tier supplier after release for production. During yearly audits our Quality Management System and open and direct communication is much appreciated.


HEINMADE has a flat and a flexible organization which is based on know-how and dedication. Each of our employees is appreciated for its contribution to the high quality standards and enjoys the focus on the customer needs. We invite you to directly contact us.

With kind regards,
Hein Schellens