The main reason to be successful in development, in transfer to production and in production is our way of working which is documented in our quality management system. The quality management system itself is useless without the appropriate R&D and production facilities and, competences and discipline of our staff.

Moving forward

To support the growth of our company a new facility will be build on industrial area Kempisch Bedrijvenpark. The sustainable building gives extra space for development labs, tool shop, production, cleanrooms and offices. Construction work will start beginning of 2023. Plan is to move end of 2023.

Research and development

Research and development projects are performed under strict phases described in the quality management system. In general starting from scratch 4 phases are needed to end up with a qualified production process.

1. Feasibility Phase;
Specification, Concept designs, Making and testing of functional model(s), Reporting of results, GoNoGo.

2. Proto Phase;
Concept choice, design FMEA, Optimisation of design, Design and making prototype, Pre-testing, Reporting of results, GoNoGo.

3. Ramp-up Phase;
Fine tuning design, Design and making of production and qualification tooling, Making release samples, Release production and qualification tooling, Sample qualification test, Process FMEA, Reporting of results, GoNoGo.

4. Volume production;
Learning curve, SPC, short lead times, supply from stock.


A production facility of over 1.000 m2 is available for manufacturing, assembly and qualification of piezo system solutions. Within the quality management system a detailed production manual is used to follow the production process step by step. Control documents take care of traceability and control during assembly. In agreeance with the OEM customer parts are tested according the qualification process.

To minimize stock at our customer a reasonable stock is maintained at HEINMADE. Systems arrive therefore always on time and gives flexibility and reduces pressure in production.

Precise metal parts are in-house machined with wire-EDM at our sister company CVT. The wire-EDM machines run 24/7 unmanned. With a range of products in series production, the wire-EDM process becomes cost effective with a reproducibility within microns. During day shift single proto-types are produced to guarantee fast delivery.